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My journal is friends only. That`s because I like to know who's reading what I write. Please add me, then comment to be added back. If you don't comment, I generally won't notice, and won't be able to add you back. I`d like to meet new people, so don't be shy! Also, when you comment, please tell me a little about yourself. =)

Have fun!

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Come on, cookie monsters!

A new idea just crossed my mind.  Why shouldn`t I keep this journal only for personal purposes?  So I decided to make a new graphic community where I`ll post all my work and here you`ll see only my personal thoughts. For now it`s going to be only me who`s going to post but for future I may share it with a friend (I haven`t chosen yet).
I`m now preparing a huge icon post so join the community and check regularly. =)

katniss everdeen

Show your face. Don`t hide yourself behind the mask

Hey everyone! =) I`m back here and decided to post as often as I can. And it won`t be only icons but also more personal posts and I`m going to show you all my layouts. I`m really keen on site building.
I`m really proud of myself because yesterday I earned my first $2. =D Not too much but a good begining.
I`ll show you the site when it`s online (hope it`ll be soon).
Also I`m thinking of adding more designs to show you soon (perhaps tomorrow if I`m not so busy).

And one last thing. Please guys, enter the new challenge of shay_stills!
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